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Why is English important?

Most common spoken language

Business communication, presentation, conversations...It is everywhere!

English is the most spoken language globally. It's importance increases outside of school, where it is used for corporate presentations, business discussions and general communications. It's an indispensable language that unites us all

Most academic knowledge and historical texts are inscribed in books and journals as English language. Grasping English helps you to comprehend knowledge the world has to offer

compulsory subject for all national exams

English is the key subject for all national exams


In all national exams, English can never be excluded from academic results. In O'levels L1R4/5 calculation, most Singapore L1 is English. It is the only subject that is mandatory to be included in results. In Junior College, General Paper is a mandatory examinable subject.

The approach to teaching English is flawed

Poor teaching format

"Insanity is doing the same thing over and over and expecting a different result"

Our kids are thrown with English question formats, from close passages to composition writing, prior to mastering the English structure. It is difficult for them to assess their weakness and learn in these question formats

A child can only learn from his mistakes if he knows what went wrong

Poor foundation built

"You can't build a great building on weak foundation"

Unlike Math, your command of English doesn't improve from practice. English syntax is the arrangement of words, phrases, and clauses in a sentence to convey meaning and intention. This arrangement is governed by structural laws called Grammar

To master English, students will need to first understand these laws, which come in brick-sized concepts for them to build the foundation

Remember how long it took to learn the difference between "has", "had", "has been", "had been"? Endless practices doesn't help to understand this, but mastering the English structural framework does

The Write Approach Method - English


We can't solve what we don't know

We created proprietary evaluation tools to identify a child's understanding in a subject

This allow us to focus on improving the child's weaknesses while de-emphasizing his strengths to enhance the learning productivity


Practice makes perfect only if the foundation is right

As a child learns, we are layering bricks upon bricks of knowledge to build this foundation. Knowledge gaps arises when these bricks are not established properly

We deliver our lessons in modularized form ("small easily digestible bricks") to focus on improving a child's weakness


All students learn at their own pace and their strengths/weaknesses differs

Our teachers are trained to do customization to a child's teaching approach and assignments depending on the strengths/weaknesses with our modularized lessons   


Engagement comes before learning

A child only learns when he's focus. This happens when learning is fun and interactive. No child likes endless assignments and practices. 


We explore interesting contents outside of the curriculum to kickstart discussion and debates. There is never a dull moment with us


We can't solve what we don't know

Our proprietary evaluation tools identify the child's knowledge gap in English grammar structure

This enables us to identify the relevant modules to help bridge your child's knowledge gap


Practice makes perfect only if the foundation is right

We mapped out the English structure into multiple frameworks ("modules") for your child to digest each grammar concept easily

These frameworks are reinforced and perfected before moving into more abstract elements of English, like writing and comprehension


All students learn at their own pace and their strengths/weaknesses differ

We craft the lesson for each student by piecing multiple English frameworks together like lego bricks.

Each framework targets a child's weakness. No time is wasted on learning something he already knows


Engagement comes before learning

Lessons are interactive and engagements are lively as we bring in elements outside of the curriculum like sports, current affairs etc. 


These interesting elements captivate the child's attention while allowing us to apply English frameworks into practical situations