Since 2015, the Write Approach Method has been a time-tested framework that helped 300+ students to achieve vast improvements in their academic results.

  • +90% students saw improvement in their academic score

  • +70% improved by 2 grades or more

  • Our success spans across Pri/Sec/JC and all subjects

School Students

The Write Approach Method

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We can't solve what we don't know

We created proprietary evaluation tools to identify a child's understanding in a subject

This allow us to focus on improving the child's weaknesses while de-emphasizing his strengths to enhance his learning productivity


Practice makes perfect only if the foundation is right

As a child learns, we are layering bricks upon bricks of knowledge to build this foundation. Knowledge gaps arise when these bricks are not well established

We deliver our lessons in modularized form ("small easily digestible bricks") to focus on improving a child's weakness


All students learn at their own pace and their strengths/weaknesses differs

With the modularized lessons, our teachers are trained to customize teaching approaches and assignments to a child's strengths/weaknesses


Engagement comes before learning

A child only learns when he's focus. This happens when learning is fun and interactive. No child likes endless assignments and practices. 


We explore interesting contents outside of the curriculum to kickstart discussion and debates. There is never a dull moment with us

3 factors to our method's success 



Up to 6 students per class to cater to each student's abilities and ensure teachers' undivided attention

Online Class


A child only enjoys learning if it is fun and engaging.


We capture their attention and spark their curiosity by motivating them with inspiring stories, videos and activities

rather than mundane practices

Teacher and Student


Teachers are trained to focus on strengthening individual students' subject challenges

We engage with parents regularly with feedback and advice on the child's strengths and weaknesses


Mounica, Sec 3

Under the tutors' guidance, my grades have improved because of the method that the teachers use to teach and explain, allowing me to fully understand the concepts behind it. The teachers here are also very patient and would answer and clarify any doubts that i have. Since joining, my English, E.Math and A.Math went from B3/B4 to A1 within a short period

Sanga, Sec 3

Write Approach Learning Center has helped me to do well for my tests and improved my subject grades. I am able to understand the concept through the teachers explanation. I also enjoy coming to class that it is easy to consult the teachers on any doubles I have on the subject. Moreover, the teachers are all nice and friendly. I always wanted a tuition like this as they make the class ore enjoyable

Shann Ong, Sec 2

Thanks to Ms Yeo, I managed to improve my grades from a D to an A within a few months. She constantly encourage and motivates us in class